Laboratory Safety

Laboratory Safety training meets researchers' training needs, and combines the former lab chemical safety and disposal (chemical hygiene plan) and bloodborne pathogen trainings into one session. This training is in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) bloodborne pathogen and laboratory standards, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hazard waste disposal regulations. Participation is required on an annual basis under OSHA regulations for all laboratory workers, including: graduate students, medical students, principal investigators, physicians, post-doctoral fellows and lab technicians.

Training Frequency

Researchers are required to complete laboratory safety training on an annual basis (365 days). Training records are available, to confirm who has completed EHS laboratory safety training with the past 12 months. Laboratory safety training may be completed in the following ways:

  • Attend an instructor-led laboratory safety training session.
  • Coordinate a small group training session in the laboratory (contact EHS).
  • Complete online laboratory safety training (initial or annual refresher) as instructed below. In order to be eligible to take the online laboratory safety refresher training, a researcher must have taken the initial laboratory safety training session, either instructor-led or online.

Training Registration

Laboratory safety training registration is administered via the Weill Training Management System (WTMS), inclusive of instructor-led and web-based trainings. Click here for additional information regarding the WTMS registration process.

Note: Contact EHS if you believe you have completed an initial laboratory safety training session but the online refresher training is not available.

EHS Instructor-Led Training Schedule

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