Office Staff

Environmental Health and Safety provides a variety of services for office staff and other administrative employees. These services range from safety training, to fire safety/fire prevention information, and disposal/recycling of potentially hazardous waste materials.

EHS Safety Program Manual

The EHS Safety Program Manual is a collection of safety requirements and resources, including chemical, biological, radiation and fire safety, spill planning and response, pollution prevention and waste disposal, hazardous materials transportation, and general safety.

Safety Training

EHS provides in-person and online fire safety training for all employees. EHS can also provide other customized safety trainings based on a department’s specific work activities and hazards. More Information

Exposure and Accident Reporting

Workforce Health and Safety provides health assessments and post-incident/exposure medical assessments for employees. Workforce Health and Safety is open between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on business days, and is located in the Payson House basement at 1315 York Avenue.

For more severe exposures/injuries, or injuries occurring during nights, weekends or holidays, employees must report immediately to either:

  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Emergency Room: walk-in entrance is located at 68th Street and York Avenue.
  • NYP Emergency Medical Services: call (212) 472-2222 to have emergency medical assistance sent to your location.

Employees must follow up with Workforce Health and Safety on the next business day.

Emergency Communications

In the event of an emergency, WCM will use the Emergency Notification System (ENS) to send notifications to all students, senior WCM leadership, WCM Emergency Operations Team members and representatives from each department. More Information

In addition to the ENS, emergency information providing the operational status of the campus and further instructions is communicated by:

Recycling and Waste Disposal

EHS can assist with recycling and disposal of some wastes generated by office and administrative areas. These wastes typically consist of electronics, computers, batteries, light bulbs, and photographic or x-ray films. More Information

Fire Safety and Fire Prevention

Environmental Health and Safety has developed programs and procedures to prevent fires and establish a safe working environment for all students, faculty and staff. Emergency evacuation procedures have been developed for each WCM building to guide employees in safe evacuation during an emergency. Other programs and procedures have been developed to provide guidance and assist employees in complying with applicable fire safety regulations. More Information

Contact Us

Go to the staff directory for individual contacts within EHS. You may also use the Weill Cornell Medicine online directory to search for faculty and staff.

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