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Isotope Ordering

All isotopes ordered by Weill Cornell Medical College researchers must be approved and received by Environmental Health and Safety’s Central Isotope Laboratory (CIL), as per the WCMC license agreement with the NYC Department of Health.

Only authorized users are permitted to order radioactive materials, and only the materials for which they have been approved. Please refer to the list of current PDF icon authorized users before attempting to order isotopes.

The approval of authorized users is the sole responsibility of the Radiation Safety Committee. Authorized users shall not under any circumstances order radioactive materials on behalf of other authorized users, principal investigators, researchers, or any other persons. For more information, please refer to the Guide to Becoming a Radioactive Material Authorized User.

Please follow these instructions for placing radioactive isotope orders:

  1. Radioactive Isotopes can only be ordered via the Weill Business Gateway (WBG), by your department’s designated purchaser. Orders shall not be processed directly with vendors via credit card or line of credit.
    1. The majority of radioactive isotopes are available through WBG SciQuest catalogs. These catalogs recognize the radioactive element being purchased and will automatically default to EHS for approval and the CIL address for receipt.
    2. Isotopes can also be ordered through described requirements. When creating a described requirement, the radioactive element GL 631009 must be selected. The radioactive element GL will then automatically default to EHS for approval and the CIL address for receipt.
  2. The name of an authorized user must be indicated on the isotope order field, C/O EHS/Radiation Safety/Authorized User’s Name.
  3. If you have any internal order requirements, please include notes in the “Note to Approver Section” for EHS to proceed accordingly. (e.g., date SC to be approved). If there are special requirements for the vendor, please include these in the vendor notes, under the “Notes and Attachment Tab” (e.g., required ship date).
  4. All shopping carts are reviewed and approved by EHS. Incomplete or missing information will result in an order being rejected. EHS will call or email the individual who created the SC, to notify them of the errors to be corrected in a revised SC.
  5. If an SC is entered correctly, it will be approved and a vendor confirmation will be forwarded via email to the purchaser that created the shopping cart in the WBG.
  6. Orders received before 3 p.m. will be approved that business day, unless a delayed approval request is made. Orders received after 3 p.m. will be approved the following business day, unless a delayed approval request is made.
  7. Upon receipt from the CIL, notification to pick up a package is sent via email or phone to the authorized user or their designee. The package will be available for pickup from the time of notification until 5 p.m. The CIL Office is located in A-Building, Room A-0049 (sub-basement level), 1300 York Avenue, New York, NY 10065.

If any additional information is needed, contact Medical Health Physics (MHP) at mhp@med.cornell.edu or (646) 962-5566.

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