Indoor Air Quality

I smell a moldy condition and I see black stains that look like mold. What should I do?

Contact EHS. There are several indicators of mold growth such as recent leaks or floods, or high humidity and moisture. Spots can be rust, dust or other stains besides mold. To determine mold growth, the area has to be examined by trained personnel from EHS. Samples may be taken and sent to a certified laboratory to determine viable growth and species type.

I work in a lab and am getting chemical or bleach odors, but I am not working with these materials. What should I do?

Check cup sinks and any unused sinks, and flush with water for 2-3 minutes, which is typically enough time for the sink traps to fill.  Check for floor drains and pour approximately 1 gallon of water into each drain.  Smells should begin to dissipate in a few minutes.

You may also want to check for activities around the lab. Is there a construction site or is cleaning going on near your lab?  Is someone in the lab working with something you are unfamiliar with?

I smell something burning in my area. What should I do?

If you smell something burning, call EHS (646-962-7233) immediately. EHS will investigate.

Do not pull a fire alarm pull station unless you see visible smoke or fire.

We have been feeling lousy in our office for several weeks, but when we leave for the day or the weekend, we feel better. What should we do?

Call EHS and ask for an Indoor Air Quality investigation. EHS will take your name and the names of all complainants.  They will come at a mutually agreed on a time to interview and make notes of all the complaints and will tailor their investigation based on the complaints received. Different types of sampling may require the analysis of an outside lab, so results may not be obtained immediately. Actions will be determined based upon the results of the sampling. A report will be generated at the end of the investigation and will be made available to the individuals who initially cited the issue, as well as appropriate department representatives.

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