What procedure is followed to receive US Army grant approval from EHS?

Review the Environmental Compliance Assurance (ECA) Guide section of the EHS website. To request an ECA please contact EHS at (646) 962-7233 or

I’ll be working in a clinical or research lab and am filling out a grant request. I am being prompted to provide a Research Safety Checklist/Institutional Biosafety Committee registration. What do I need to do?

Contact Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) for assistance or questions regarding the Laboratory Safety Registration at (646) 962-723 or at

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I am applying for a grant and need information showing EHS programs and compliance. Is this information available from EHS?

EHS is available to assist with safety and environmental assurances needed by granting agencies. EHS will review the grant-related laboratory facilities, personnel training, and all safety equipment and procedures to ensure compliance with federal, state, local and WCM safety policies and procedures. Contact EHS at or (646) 962-7233 for assistance if an assurance is needed.

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