Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Training is required by the NYC Department of Health for all researchers and laboratory personnel handling radioactive materials, as well as those operating radiation-producing equipment.

Radiation Safety Certification Training

Researchers using radioactive materials in the laboratory must become certified by completing a radiation safety certification course before using these materials. The course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of handling radioactive materials within the context of a biological/chemical laboratory. Certificates are site-specific and do not transfer to or from other institutions.

Training Frequency

A radiation safety certificate is obtained once. To maintain the certificate, refresher training must be taken annually.

Radiation Safety Refresher Training

Researchers who are certified radiation users, or who work in close proximity to radioactive materials, are required to complete a one-hour radiation safety refresher training. Refresher training is available online (see instructions below) or in person. To sign-up for in-person refresher training, please review the instructor-led training schedule and use the training registration form.

Training Frequency

Radiation safety refresher training must be completed on an annual basis (365 days). Training records are available, to confirm who has completed EHS radiation safety training with the past 12 months.

Radiation Safety Training Registration

Radiation safety training is administered via the Weill Training Management System (WTMS). This is inclusive of instructor-led and web-based trainings. Click here for additional information regarding the WTMS registration process and for instructions on how to register.

Irradiator Training

Researchers requiring use of WCM irradiators must complete radiation safety and operational instruction. The radiation safety review provides an introduction to the fundamentals of radiation safety, and the operational training provides instructions for accessing and operating the unit.

Contact Medical Health Physics at (646) 962-4567 to initiate the clearance and training process.

Training Frequency

Access to the irradiator is granted upon completion of operational training, and clearance and is valid throughout time spent at WCM. Please note that clearance may take a few weeks. Escorted access to the irradiator can also be provided during the approval process.

EHS Instructor-Led Training Schedule

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