Guide to Becoming a Radioactive Materials Authorized User

Becoming an Authorized User of Radioactive Materials for Non-Human Use

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) submission and review process takes place in the Research Safety Module within the Weill Research Getaway (also known as WRG-RS).

To initiate a Radiation Safety Committee Non-Human Use Application please contact Medical and Health Physics (MHP) department.

To amend previously approved Radiation Safety Committee Non-Human Use Application the Principal Investigator or designated representative shall contact the MHP or appointed EHS Safety Advisor (SA) to assist with the amendment process.

Application and Approval

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) will review the applications. Obtaining or transferring radioactive materials for non-approved or uncertified researchers is prohibited by law.

Radioactive Material License Fee

Maintaining the status of being an authorized user carries a $600 annual fee. The initial fee is due upon approval of a radioactive material user application. Thereafter, on an annual basis, you will receive an invoice notice generated by MHP. Fees are paid via Journal Voucher (JV) transfer.  Revocation must be requested by the Authorized User in writing to the Radiation Safety Officer. 

Radiation Safety Training Certificate

Researchers are required to complete radiation safety training and obtain a certificate of completion prior to working with radioactive materials.  Radiation safety refresher training is required annually thereafter. Refer to Radiation Safety Training for more information, including training schedules and registration.

Please contact the Medical and Health Physics department for additional information at (646) 962-5566.

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