Biological Safety

The fundamental objective of the Weill Cornell Medicine Biological Safety Program is the containment of potentially harmful biological agents. Containment can be achieved by following PDF icon good microbiological practices, and having appropriately designed facilities and available safety equipment for managing infectious materials. Abiding by biological safety principals and containment practices will provide a safe working environment for all personnel, reducing or eliminating potential exposures, and ensuring that the work being done does not impact the environment.

EHS provides a full range of biological safety services, including:

  • biological risk assessments for work involving etiologic agents, recombinant DNA, select agents and toxins
  • inspection and verification of appropriate laboratory facilities
  • recommendation of safety equipment
  • technical advice on research safety procedures
  • accident/incident investigation and mitigation
  • Training and instruction of the WCM bloodborne pathogen exposure control plan and research biosafety program for all students, faculty, and staff
  • guidance regarding biological waste disposal, decontamination, and regulated medical waste procedures
  • clinical safety
  • BSL3 facilities
  • animal biosafety-related issues
  • biological spill planning and response

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