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EHS is always available to provide assistance. If you need to contact us for any reason, please refer to our staff directory. In addition, we can be reached by using the information below.

Environmental Health and Safety Weill Cornell Medical College

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Minus 80 Monitoring now available in Belfer Research Building

January 30, 2019

WCM is rolling out the Minus 80 monitoring system to the Belfer Research Building. Minus 80 is a cloud-based monitoring system that provides users with real-time information and sends customizable alerts via text, phone or email about the status of their freezers and refrigerators. Probes can be purchased or leased. Click here for more information.

Laboratory Safety Town Hall Meeting on January 24

January 23, 2019

Thursday, January 24, 2019

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Uris Auditorium (1300 York Avenue)

EHS is pleased to announce our upcoming Laboratory Safety Town Hall, scheduled for Thursday, January 24 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, in Uris Auditorium at 1300 York Avenue. 

This meeting will discuss upcoming and pertinent laboratory safety initiatives at Weill Cornell Medicine, including: 

  • 2018 Annual Inspection Results and Priorities for 2019
  • New Research Safety Module in Weill Research Gateway
  • Upcoming Email Notifications for Expired Laboratory Safety Training
  • Chemical Inventory Update
  • New Safety Software and User Portal
  • Freezer Monitoring Update and Expansion Plans
  • And many more relevant topics.

All Laboratory Safety Coordinators should plan to attend this meeting, and additional laboratory staff is welcome as well.  If you are unable to attend, please forward this invitation to another member of your lab. 

Please feel free to contact EHS with any questions at 646-962-7233 or ehs@med.cornell.edu.

Changes to Chemical Inventory Management

January 4, 2019

Due to the recent acquisition of the ChemTracker Chemical Inventory System by BioRAFT at the end of 2018, Weill Cornell Medicine will be navigating away from the use of ChemTracker to manage chemical inventories. As of 2019, you will no longer be able to access or edit your inventory using ChemTracker.

A new inventory management system will be launched in the coming weeks. In an effort to minimize the burden to laboratories during this transition, Environmental Health and Safety is currently working to upload your most recent chemical inventory record from ChemTracker into the new platform.

Prior to the new system going live, manually keep track of major changes to your lab inventory. We will keep you posted regarding when you will be able to access the new inventory system.

We appreciate your cooperation during this transition period. Please contact us at 646-962-7233 or ehs@med.cornell.edu with any questions.

2019 Training Dates Now Available

December 3, 2018

All our onsite training and certification programs now have new sessions available for 2019. Please visit our Instructor-Led Training Schedule page for more information.

Annual Chemical Inventory due December 15

November 26, 2018

As every year, Weill Cornell Medicine must submit an Annual Chemical Inventory report of all hazardous chemicals on campus including type, quantity, and storage/use location; to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. 

Supervisors of all locations storing and/or using hazardous chemicals must review their chemical inventory in the web-based ChemTracker Chemical Inventory System; and submit to EHS the Annual Chemical Inventory Submission form, available on the EHS website.

This process must be completed by December 15, 2018, to allow EHS enough time to submit the regulatory reports. For more information, please click here.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your ChemTracker account, please contact us at 646-962-7233 or chemtracker@med.cornell.edu.


Mission Statement

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is responsible for developing, maintaining and promoting policies, procedures, training and educational programs necessary to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our students, faculty, staff and visiting public. We are committed to developing a culture where safety and health are core values, and provide high-quality services that facilitate Weill Cornell Medicine's education, research and clinical missions.

EHS serves as the WCM biological, chemical and radiation safety office, coordinating comprehensive hazardous material and workplace safety programs. EHS takes appropriate steps to ensure that problems are identified and resolved in a timely manner. We coordinate reviews and responses to external agencies, many of which have the authority to cite, impose civil penalties, restrict or rescind operations, and remove or disapprove accreditation. EHS provides an emergency response for college situations that may include exposure to or the release of hazardous materials, and fire scenarios. We implement programs and services to minimize injuries or illnesses, and reduce safety, health and environmental risks in a manner consistent with fiscal and environmental stewardship. Read More

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Contact WCMC and NYP departments providing safety, security, waste and health services.

Safety Data Sheets

Chemwatch: a database of > 20,000,000 SDSs, obtained directly from manufacturers, suppliers and other chemical safety databases
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