Electronics & Equipment Recycling/Disposal

How should I dispose of surplus electronics from off-campus locations?

Surplus electronics are to be collected for recycling, and are not to be disposed of with normal trash. To request the collection of surplus electronics from off-site locations, submit an email to ehs@med.cornell.edu. Be sure to include your contact name and telephone number, building address and room number of pick-up location, type and quantity of surplus electronics to be collected, and any access restrictions and office hours. Additionally, refer to the PDF icon Surplus Electronics Recycling Update to ensure all other procedural requirements are met. There will be no charge to your department for the removal of surplus electronics for recycling.

How should I dispose of printer toner cartridges?

Used toner cartridges may be recycled or disposed of with normal trash. Many manufacturers and/or distributors of printing supplies will accept used toner cartridges for recycling. If you are unable to make this type of arrangement, then used cartridges can be disposed of via normal refuse collections. Unused toner cartridges must be treated as chemical waste and disposed of using the guidelines of the PDF icon Waste Disposal Procedures. Containers of this type must be labeled as Hazardous Waste, and a Chemical Collection Request Form must be submitted to Environmental Health and Safety.

How should I dispose of toner collection reservoirs from photocopiers?

Collection reservoirs (sumps, bottles, tanks, etc) that contain spent toner from photocopiers should be managed as hazardous waste and disposed of via Environmental Health and Safety. Complete a Chemical Collection Request Form to request a collection. There is no charge for this service.

How do I discard old computers and computer-related equipment in the hospital?

To discard old computers and computer-related equipment (e.g., printers, scanners, etc.) in the hospital, contact NYP Information Technology.

How do I discard old medical equipment in the hospital?

To discard old medical equipment in the hospital, contact NYP Biomedical Engineering. Prior to discarding the medical equipment, all contents must be removed and, if contaminated, the equipment needs to be disinfected.

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