Fire Safety

An effective fire safety program requires the involvement of the entire campus community. Fires can lead to personal injury, loss of life, property damage, and loss of research. The U.S. Fire Administration National Fire Protection Association reports that annually there are “approximately 1,700 documented fires in college dormitories, classroom buildings and fraternities and sororities". The unfortunate severity of fire was realized by the Cornell community in the 1960s, when a dormitory fire in Ithaca caused the death of thirteen students and a faculty member.

Environmental Health and Safety has established several programs and trainings to ensure the safety of the WCM community, and minimize the risk of personal injury, loss of life and property loss from a fire. Proper fire safety, prevention and preparedness measures are provided by Environmental Health and Safety. Resources and programs include:

  • fire safety training
  • fire safety and evacuation plans
  • fire drills
  • event fire safety
  • hot work training

For more information, refer to the fire safety content on this website, or the Weill Cornell Medicine Fire Safety Manual for information regarding the following topics:

  • building-specific fire safety procedures
  • responsibilities of WCM building occupants
  • fire safety and prevention measures
  • training and fire drill requirements

WCM Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

The WCM Campus Security and Fire Safety Report provides a summary of campus security and fire safety policies and procedures as well as supporting statistics.

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