Waste Disposal

Several types of waste, including chemical, biological, recyclable and radioactive, are generated in a variety of clinical, research, service, maintenance and cleaning operations throughout Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM). As such, these waste materials must be properly managed by personnel (“generators”) within their work areas prior to collection and/or disposal.

Waste disposal procedures have been established to provide generators with guidance for the proper management of chemical, biological, recyclable and radioactive waste. Special consideration must be taken when wastes consist of a mixture of chemical, biological and/or radiological materials (e.g., mixed wastes). Generators must ensure that these mixed wastes are properly assessed, managed and disposed of in accordance with the chemical, biological and radiological waste management procedures.

EHS Waste Disposal WCMC

Drain and Trash Disposal

Do you have non-hazardous chemicals and empty bottles that are appropriate for drain or trash disposal?


Chemical Waste Disposal

Do you have chemical waste that must be disposed of by EHS? Submit a chemical collection request.


EHS Biological Waste Disposal WCMC

Biological Waste Disposal

Do you have biological waste that must be properly disposed? Submit a sharps collection request.


EHS Radiological Waste WCMC

Radiological Waste

Do you have radiological waste that must be properly disposed?



EHS Recyclable Equipment WCMC

Recyclable Equipment and Materials

Do you have equipment for recycling? Recyclable materials include: batteries, computers and electronics, lead, light bulbs, mercury devices, and x-ray or photographic films containing silver.


EHS Pollution Prevention Waste Minimization WCMC

Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization

Are you interested in techniques that can be used to minimize waste and prevent pollution within your work area?


EHS Lab Decommissioning WCMC

Lab Decommissioning

A full decommissioning of laboratories being vacated by departments or Principal Investigators (PIs) must be completed to prevent exposing others to unnecessary hazards.

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