Minus 80 Critical Temperature Monitoring

Weill Cornell Medicine uses the services of Minus 80 Critical Temperature Monitoring in the 1300 York Avenue Complex and Belfer Research Building. Minus 80 is a cloud-based monitoring system that provides users with real-time information and alerts about the status of their freezers and refrigerators.

How Does it Work?

Minus 80 monitoring probes are wirelessly attached to freezers and refrigerators to control temperature and door status.

The Minus 80 wireless network deployed through 1300 York and Belfer Research Building has several repeaters and a data collection server with emergency backup power.

Users can set custom alerts and receive notifications if the temperature inside the refrigerator or freezer exceeds a certain level. Emergency contact lists can be set up to be notified via phone, text or email. 

The Minus 80 system can be accessed on computers and mobile devices.

Monthly Reporting 

The Minus 80 monitoring system can generate monthly reports and charts on the status of freezers and refrigerators; as well as a list of alarm states throughout the month. These reports are compliant with FDA Title 21 Part 11 guidelines for electronic reporting.

Minus 80 Pricing

WCM has installed and will maintain the Minus 80 network infrastructure (repeaters and servers) in York Avenue. Individual users can either purchase or lease the probes.

Purchase Option

• Purchase the probe for $350 per monitoring unit / $400 per incubator unit
• Set-up Cost: One-time $125 installation fee per unit
• Annual Monitoring Cost: $96 annually per freezer, fridge, cryo, incubator

Lease Option

• Set-up Cost: One-time $125 installation fee per unit.
• Annual Fee: Pay $216 per unit (includes probe and annual monitoring fee).

Sign Up for Minus 80 Program

After receiving the Minus 80 Registration form, EHS will contact the Lab to coordinate installation and setup. 

Please click here to complete the WCM Refrigerator and Freezer Monitoring Request Form.

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