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C-14 Laboratory Certificate of Fitness (FDNY)

In New York City, whenever a laboratory is in operation, a C-14 laboratory certificate of fitness holder must be present. This is a Fire Department of New York (FDNY) requirement. Laboratories for each principal investigator must have a sufficient number of staff with C-14 laboratory certificates of fitness, to provide coverage for all times when the laboratory is in operation.

Training Frequency

C-14 laboratory certificate of fitness training is a one-time training requirement, as long as renewals are properly maintained. C-14s that have expired may require that training be repeated. C-14 laboratory certificates of fitness may be acquired in the following ways:

  • an EHS-provided C-14 training program (eligibility restrictions apply)
  • an FDNY-provided C-14 program (eligibility restrictions apply)

EHS-Provided C-14 Training Program


The FDNY restricts attendees of the EHS-provided C-14 training program to those that meet one of the following criteria. All others may obtain a C-14 laboratory certificate of fitness via the FDNY-provided C-14 program.

  • clinical laboratory director license issued by the New York State Department of Health
  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.)
  • master’s or doctoral degree in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, environmental or health sciences, medical technology, chemical or environmental engineering, or related field.
  • bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, environmental or health sciences, medical technology, chemical or environmental engineering, or related field and two years of post-baccalaureate experience in an operating chemical laboratory

Training Requirements

  • Attend a C-14 laboratory certificate of fitness (FDNY) training session.
  • Pass an FDNY-required competency exam.
  • Fill out and bring to the training session:
    • PDF icon WCMC C-14 Certificate of Fitness Alternate Issuance Application (complete prior to class [requires supervisor’s signature])
    • an PDF icon FDNY Certification of Fitness (required by the FDNY for all certificate of fitness applicants)
    • a copy of your diploma or degree (with notarized translation if non-English language)
    • a check or money order for $25.62 payable to Weill Cornell Medical College (no cash) - if needed, money orders are available at U.S. Post Offices (70th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue).

Training Registration

C-14 laboratory certificate of fitness (FDNY C-14) training registration is administered via the Weill Training Management System (WTMS). Note that only WCM students, faculty and staff, as well as employees of authorized affiliates (e.g., NYP, HSS and Hunter), may obtain their FDNY C-14 through this training program. Click here for additional information regarding the WTMS registration process.

FDNY-Provided C-14 Program


The FDNY provides C-14 laboratory certificates of fitness (FDNY) to those meeting the following requirements.

  • a degree in: chemical engineering, medicine, biology, or any chemical or physical science
  • a working knowledge of the English language
  • a minimum age of 18 on or prior to the test date
  • a letter of recommendation from an employer on a college letterhead

FDNY Requirements

  • Travel to FDNY Headquarters at 9 Metrotech Center (enter through Flatbush Avenue entrance only): Monday - Friday (except legal holidays) 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    • Subway Directions
      • N or R - Lawrence Street
      • A, C, or F - Jay Street
      • 2, 3, 4 or 5 - Boro Hall/Nevins
      • 2 or 3 - Hoyt
      • O, D, M, N or R - DeKalb
  • Pass an FDNY-provided competency exam
  • Bring two #2 pencils, a pen and the following documentation:
    • a completed FDNY A-20 Form
    • a letter of recommendation, on a college letterhead, signed by your immediate supervisor (PDF icon sample letter)
    • a check or money order for $25 payable to the New York City Fire Department
    • two pieces of Identification (driver's license, state ID or passport, and one other piece of identification)
    • proof of an academic degree (copy)

C-14 Renewals

Certificates may be renewed from 60 days before the expiration date to one year after the expiration date, by mail or in person at the FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention in Brooklyn. Certificates expired for more than one year cannot be renewed.

Avoid penalties. Renew on time.

Mail-in Instructions

  • Mail-in payments can be made by check or money order payable to the New York City Fire Department. The fee is $15 for a C-14. Late fees of $25 in addition to the renewal fee will be assessed if renewing the certificate after 91 days but before one year from the date of expiration.
  • Attach one of the following
    • a renewal coupon (received in the mail from the FDNY)
    • part B of an expired certificate of fitness (attached at the bottom of paper certificate copies)
    • a copy of the CoF.
  • If there are any changes in address, name, etc., attach a completed copy of a Certificate of Fitness Application (A-20), and a letter from the department.
  • Attach a signed renewal form to certify that the new C-14 study materials have been reviewed.
  • All correspondence should be sent to:

NYC Fire Department
9 Metrotech Center
Cashier's Office 1S-5
Brooklyn, New York 11201-3857

For further information concerning renewals of certificates of fitness, call (718) 999-0368.

Additional Information and Materials

Study Materials
Sample Test (Intranet Only)

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